• Devin Ott


Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Entropy | Devin Ott

At night I dream of entropy, the sum of which I could have been; The remnants of an old routine of broken homes and shattered dreams. If not for these fragmented genes I’d miss myself between extremes. A fool for purpose, without the means of consciousness and all it’s streams. Save for me inside of these subtle lines and inquiries, They know the end I can not see But would I if I could believe? The rivets teethe on scaffold beams, which bend and creak; a withered theme. What is there, must always be; one part a man and one machine. The habits that have formed in me Will not forget what they have seen. I am the way I used to be, free from chains but not from these. Alone but all together we forget the things that made us free, Remembering we used to dream of little things like entropy.

© Devin Ott 2019

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