• Devin Ott

"In me" Lyrics

"In me."

Album: Play Therapy (2016)

Track Number: 5 Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Composition – Devin Ott Recorded & Produced – Devin Ott Written – Jan 15th/ 2015 Released – August 7th/ 2016 ©Poetry for the Hunt 2016


Verse 1 So long ago I Had eyes on the sky And I'd wonder why I couldn't see

Chorus 1 Despite all the light Shining So brightly

Verse 2 So many days and nights Under stars all alight I'd build my walls Kingdom and key

Chorus 2 To cross the sea To your life In me

Verse 3 On a mind I rely Dead set to defy It's own DNA Lost to the pages

Chorus 3 Just to say his Just to say his Goodbyes

Verse 4 Little bird in a tree Peacefully watching me As a painted picture I could see

Chorus 4 All of his beauty All of his beauty In me

*Fun fact: That little bell you hear at the end of the song is actually little Yekke's (my cat) bell on the collar he wears. I didn't hear it until I played back the recording and I thought it was the perfect way to end such a deeply personal song, so it made it on to the record.*

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