• Devin Ott

"Pretty Lights" Lyrics

"Pretty Lights.”

Album: Play Therapy (2016)

Track Number: 2

Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Composition - Devin Ott Drums - Alex Bishop Recorded & Produced - Devin Ott Written - August 14th/ 2015 Released - August 7th/ 2016 ©Poetry for the Hunt 2016


Verse 1 Do I intimidate you? Clawing at your piece of ice. Don’t lie when they sedate you, Thawing your pretty lights.

Verse 2 I guess we’re all related But you don’t seem to mind. My best could be the greatest. Your best? One of a kind.

Chorus I can’t Be left behind If I’m the one that’s Running away Don’t cry Cause' you’ll go blind And all the words will all fade away in time

Verse 3 Could I complete you? Puzzle pieces in candle light It’s the mystery that defeats you When you stare in to my eyes

Verse 4 I guess that were all missing Little pieces of our minds What is this soft resisting That I feel at the end of my line?

Chorus x 2

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