• Devin Ott

"Smoke & Fire" Lyrics

"Smoke & Fire."

Album: Play Therapy (2016)

Track Number: 4

Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Composition – Devin Ott Drums – Alex Bishop Recorded & Produced – Devin Ott Written – September 16th/ 2015 Released – August 7th/ 2016 ©Poetry for the Hunt 2016


Verse 1 No where to go Nothing to see I sleep alone tonight Where you used to be

Verse 2 Lending my ears I hear the walls speak Stories they tell Make my knees weak

Chorus I'm the smoking gun I'm the smoking gun

Verse 3 Can't catch my breath Moving so fast Drawn in my skin Echo's from the past

Verse 4 Here in my dreams Your hair is smiling I shoot the stars You're there laughing


Verse 5 Starlight memories Drawing their blades As the home here Slowly fades away

Verse 6 Broken hallways Mix in my glass That's where I stayed Watching time pass for days

Chorus x2

Outro Your guitar is silent Too loud to bear Eating my hours I just sit and stare

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